Thursday, September 30, 2010

27 Weeks with Mood Swings Galore and a Brand New Floor!

Week 27 went by pretty quickly in our house. The week started off with an exciting project headed by Chris and his good friend Keith (who is quite handy, thank goodness!). ;) Together, they spent much of the day putting in the nursery flooring and I must say, it looks amazing! I had to work that day, so I admit I was a little nervous leaving the two of them on their own (not that I would know how to help them or anything), but what a wonderful surprise to come home to! I can tell Chris is proud of his work, as he always seems to just be standing in the middle of the nursery and then breaks into a little jig when he notices I'm watching him. I'm so happy that the nursery is coming together! Thanks gents! Keith, feel free to help us with the rest of the house! ;)

One thing I have really started noticing is the heaviness of my body. I have hit the uncomfortable stage. I get sweaty and overheated, can't roll over, need to pull myself upright in bed, and I just can't seem to get comfortable! The baby seems to be sitting up in my ribs half the time! Being uncomfortable has made me into an irritable and restless woman! I have been getting no sleep! Half the time, it takes me forever to fall asleep, and as soon as I do, Chris moves or breathes...and BAM! I'm awake. Many nights I've glared at him in the dark, wishing we had bought twin beds. Some nights I ponder the thought of sleeping in a chair rather then on a lumpy, hard mattress. I spent a few days going between tears and angry rants to whoever would listen (mostly the cats). Well, to amazement, Chris seemed to pick up on my moodiness and understood at once that we needed to invest in a better sleep (we had cheapened out when we moved into our house, buying the 'back to school' discount mattress).

We ended up going to Costco with my mom to check out the mattress toppers, and there on the shelf sat the most beautiful queen size memory foam mattress topper. I saw the price tag and immediately thought, "Uhoh...Chris is going to want to know where the $40 ones are hiding...", but again to my amazement, he picked it up and happily carried it around the store! He said that it was important for me to get my rest and to be comfy as I was only going to get more uncomfortable as time went on. That man is a lifesaver...though he may have just been trying to save his own life... ;) I have to tell you, if you have a crappy mattress and cannot sleep, get a mattress topper! It changes lives people! I am able to sink into the most deep sleep now, being hugged by my mattress. Even our dog loves it! I'm pretty sure I know what he's getting for Christmas! :) I am really glad we invested in this purchase, as I know it really can affect the quality of your life. I go about my day a little bit happier and a little more rested, which makes for a much better wife!

Another big accomplishment for us is that we booked our prenatal classes as well as a breastfeeding class! I'm so excited to go to these, as I feel like it's a good way to get Chris involved in the whole process. I also just finished an amazing book called "The Big Book of Birth" by Erica Lyon. It is the most unbiased and informative book I've read on the whole birthing process. Some of the books out there come across as a little preachy and condescending...and honestly, I feel a little judged when my opinion differs from the author, but with Lyon's book, you just feel like you have all the information and that it's up to you and your partner to make the best decision for you. The book educates you on all the birthing positions (I had no idea that giving birth on your back is actually the WORST position you can give birth in), medications, visualization techniques, interventions and real life stories from women in all different situations. She provides the pros and cons of each decision you will have to make, but remains positive and encouraging instead of scaring you off with warnings and negative thoughts. I also really like how she encourages you to have your partner read certain chapters, as it has tons of information on how they can help you through the birthing process, without laying too many expectations on them as this whole event is new to them too. She really opened up my eyes to not judge anyone's birth experience, because each one is personal and right for someone out there. If you end up with a healthy baby in the end, you know that whatever you chose to do, well, it was the right decision for you. If I could recommend one book to anyone during their pregnancy, this would be it. Heck, I'll loan it to you after my hubby is done reading it! ;)

At 27 weeks, Muppet weighed as much as a head of cauliflower. Muppet is sleeping and waking at regular intervals and is probably sucking away at it's fingers. It's lungs are still immature, but with medical help, Muppet's lungs would be able to function if it was born, though we want Muppet to marinate a little longer... :). Muppet has also become fond of playing with my bladder. I had an eight hour shift the other day and I spent at least 4 of those hours making surprised faces, running to the bathroom, or squatting down on the floor, pretending to tie my shoes. What a little bugger! :)

I'll be back soon with Week 28! I bet you can't wait! ;)


Monday, September 20, 2010

Week 26: A Week of Hard Work and Surprises!

What a week we had! We finally started our nursery renovations! Yay! Though, I have to admit that there was more work involved then I had initially anticipated. I'm the kind of person that once I start a project, I want it done the same day, which is very unrealistic sometimes. I guess when I look at a room, I see what I want, and just feel it should be easy to achieve, but of course, that is not the case. Painting was our first big task. I taped off all the baseboards and such around the room, then  I painted the edges all around the room with Chris following behind, filling in the walls with a roller. There were moments of tenseness between us, as it's a small room and I think both of us were getting irritated with each other, but afterwards, the next morning, when we saw the results, it made the day before worth it.

Our next project was removing the baseboards, pulling out the carpet and removing all the nails and staples in the floor and baseboards. My handy dad came over to help with that project as my super lovely husband (who is talented in many other ways) isn't that much of a handyman. My father on the other-hand is a handyman extraordinaire! He brought all his tools and just went to town on that nursery! I helped of course, ending up with very blistered hands as I tried plying nails and staples from the wood. I wasn't able to find my work gloves, but I did find a left handed gardening glove, so I put that on...not sure if it helped or not, but I felt more professional! :) My dad is going to come back and help us with putting in the laminate flooring, as well as putting up the decorative panels and baseboards, so I'm sure he'll keep us busy! Thanks for all your help papa!

Here is some very rough footage of our renovation experience.

In the middle of these renovations, my mom and I went on a shopping trip to the US. We found so many cute and well priced things that it took all my self control not to go on a shopping spree! I absolutely love all the Carter's baby clothes! They had all their Hallowe'en and Thanksgiving outfits on sale, and I admit I was a little sad that Muppet wouldn't be able to wear any of them this year. But, now I can plan for next year! ;) I picked up some full panel maternity pants that were on sale, as well as some super sexy nursing bras... that sexy part was sarcastic, by the way. Then we went to the Olive Garden for all you can eat soup, salad and breadsticks...Mmmmm! I could eat there everyday! It was a long, but productive and fun day, but I sure was exhausted!

Then, out of nowhere, I got the most wonderful surprise! I was finishing up at work when my hubby came to pick me up. He seemed to be in a hurry, so I figured he had to meet with a client or something. I mentioned wanting to take a nap, as I was still so tired from my previous busy days, but he said I couldn't! He told me that I had to go home and pack my suitcase and that I only had half an hour to get ready, as he had planned a special surprise for our wedding anniversary! I was so excited...and a little nervous. I mean, what do I pack for a trip to the unknown? We dropped Sawyer off at my parents and then took off on this crazy adventure to who-knows-where!

Want to know what he had planned?! He booked us the most romantic getaway to Blue Mountain Resort in Collingwood in The Grand Georgian! It was absolutely beautiful! As we drove up to Blue Mountain, I saw signs for the Scenic Caves..which sound lovely, but not to a person who has to waddle everywhere. I prayed that I wouldn't have to go on a hike...that he had planned something else, but never did I imagine we would be staying at such a stunning resort! Even when we drove up to the entrance, I had to look at him and ask, "Are we actually staying here?!". It was so magical. The people are so friendly, the food is delicious (garlic mashed potatoes *drool*), the grounds and scenery are breathtaking and the village is just so magnificent! I now call it my Canadian Disney World.

Our room was what I've always dreamt of- with a kitchen, dining room, living room  and of course, my favourite, a fireplace! We even had a lovely balcony that looked out to the forested mountain. I truly cried a lot on this trip. He also had booked a super great dinner for us which included steak, garlic mashed potatoes, ceasar salad with brownie cheesecake for dessert! Yum! I had no idea that my darling could be so spontaneous and romantic. :) I cannot wait to go back! I want to play shuffle board, make pottery, relax on the dock, paddle in a paddle boat and eat until I explode! I would not be opposed to living there a cute Cape Cod style house in either yellow or sage green... ;) I am just so in love with Collingwood now! I'm pretty sure I've added a new "our place" to our special places list. It now accompanies Niagara-On-The-Lake, Disney World and Prince Edward Island. Thank you for the most wonderful anniversary honey! (Good luck topping it next year!) ;)

Here is a little tour of our room!

As of week 26, Muppet was the size of an english hothouse cucumber and weighs about 2 pounds! That's a mighty big baby! Apparently it now is able to react to touch and sound, so I often poke it to see if it kicks back! Surprisingly it sometimes does! It is now developing a sleep and active phase routine, which I am starting to recognize. It usually is active around 9am, 4pm, and super active around 10:30pm. Muppet is a fan of kicking my bladder, making me want to pee constantly, and now I think I can feel it's little hiccups which tickles a little bit! One thing I've noticed is that Muppet is a tad bit stubborn, as it never wants to dance around when I'm filming, but as soon as I put the camera away, it goes nuts! I tried getting it to dance to the oldies the other day, I mean, who can stand still when Mony Mony is on? I can tell you who. It's Muppet. Crazy baby! :)

I'm starting to feel the weight of the baby a bit, and it's starting to throw off my balance and make me a little tired. It's hard to get out of the car or bed sometimes as I can't use my stomach muscles anymore, so often I rock back and forth to get some momentum and then throw myself forward. I also notice that I grunt quite a bit when trying to get up. I think I need a scooter! ;) The baby also seems to be sitting low sometimes, as I feel a lot of pressure in places I would rather there not be pressure. *sigh*

One thing I'm craving like mad right now is Thanksgiving Dinner. I constantly dream of hot turkey sandwiches, mashed potatoes and stuffing...and let's not forget those yummy dill pickles! Mmmm! I cannot wait for Thanksgiving, and I'm so glad I get to celebrate it twice! ;) (One meal for me, one for the baby!).

p.s. Happy 2nd Anniversary honey! I love you so much! I can't wait until Muppet can share the love our little family has for each other. You truly are my best friend  and I love you. <3


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Muppet Could Be Here In Under 99 Days!

According to my iPhone app, Muppet should arrive in about 99 days, or 14 weeks! That is nuts! I feel unprepared! I feel I must start shopping! I feel I must start decorating!!...I feel like I may be losing my mind slowly. :) Knowing the baby is coming really does send one into a bit of a nesting panic. If I were a forest animal, I'd start burying acorns in preparation, or gathering twigs and pieces of string. Instead, I get out cleaning supplies and start scrubbing cabinets and toilets. At least Chris doesn't complain! :)

My tummy is becoming the center of my world now, as everything seems to revolve around it. People now freely comment on it without worrying about offending me, it causes me to get stuck in bean bag chairs at work, it provides comfort to my nephew who absent-mindfully rubs it while we play games on my iPhone, it causes me to waddle when I walk, crave cake and pie all day long, and forces me to go out and buy maternity pants with the FULL panel...*sigh*. It feels so huge already that I can't even imagine how much bigger it will get in the months ahead!

As of week 25, Muppet is about the size of a rutabaga. It weighs roughly between 1.5 and 2 pounds. Right now Muppet is putting on it's cute baby fat which helps plump out those wrinkles and will eventually cause ladies to stop and pinch it's little cheeks or legs. Apparently it's eyes are beginning to open now (though there isn't much to see), but the pigment still isn't developed unlike Muppet's hair which now is beginning to show colour and texture! Muppet's brain is also starting to work overtime, allowing Muppet to react to noises now by increases it's pulse rate, or it's activity. That may be why Muppet is most active when I'm watching television! I have noticed the baby tends to be the most active now around 10:30pm when I'm trying to sleep, and it's hard to ignore the little thumps as I know I will miss them when they are gone! I'm trying to pay attention to each little jab so I can hold onto the memory, because world, I am a sap. :) The other day while grocery shopping, I got a sharp punch to the kidneys which hurt like heck and then suddenly made me have to pee so badly! I yelped in surprise, scaring an elderly man who must have thought I was going into labour. *sigh* These are the moments I'm going to miss! ;)

The one thing I'm not going to miss is this heartburn that has gotten out of control! Because Muppet is growing so well, my insides are all squished together, which makes heartburn a sure bet! I'm taking tums to try to conteract it, but they only do so much. I just need to learn to eat smaller meals, and eat slowly...which is basically impossible for me. :)

In this picture, I am telling Sawyer to be patient for his new little brother or sister. ;)

Here is a photo of the cats enjoying Muppet's bassinet. Nobi has called dibs on it, and isn't afraid to let Muppet know how he feels about the baby coming and taking it from him. :)


Sunday, September 5, 2010

24 Weeks Pregnant And A New Family Addition!

Our week began pretty busy, as we went into Toronto to go to the FanExpo and the Harry Potter Exhibition at the Ontario Science Centre. We started our morning a little slow, as we couldn't decide what "nerd-ery" to do first, Harry Potter, or SciFi fun. We decided to go to FanExpo first, as some friends were already there, but to our dismay, when we got there, the event had reached full capacity and they weren't letting anyone in until people started leaving. We paid our $15 for parking, because I still had hopes that the line would move, but after seeing how far the line went back, I admitted defeat and had a little cry. I'm so glad I wasn't all dressed up in some cosplay outfit, as that would have been the saddest sight to see. After talking with some friends, I felt better about not getting in, as it was apparently very packed and unorganized this year and I imagine Little Muppet would have started to get impatient standing in lines all day. To make our parking "worth" it, we went and had an ice tea across the street, and then headed back to the car so we could go to the Harry Potter Exhibit.

The Harry Potter Exhibition was held at the Ontario Science Centre, and neither Chris nor I (nor Muppet for that matter), had ever been there, so we were really excited! The exhibit started off with us being ushered into a room with the Sorting Hat who sorted some of the audience into their Hogwart's House. I sadly did not get to be sorted by the hat, as I felt I had to let the children in the audience go first... self sacrifice, I tell ya! ;) We then got to walk through the front doors of Hogwart's into the world of Harry Potter!

The exhibit was amazing! On display were tons of costumes, props, set pieces and more from the actual Harry Potter films! We got to walk through the Gryffindor dormitory which had the actual beds and clothing of the main characters in it, pull mandrakes from their pots which  made them scream, sit on Hagrid's chair in his hut, toss a Quidditch ball through the hoop (while being reminded we had to use only one hand, as the other would be holding onto a broom), and see all the magical creatures like Buckbeak or Dobby. They had the graveyard set up with Dementors, the halls were covered with posters of Bellatrix Lestrange and other wanted Death Eaters, and there was even the costume worn by "He Who Cannot Be Named". I truly could not believe how much they had brought with them from the movie sets! Mostly though, I really wanted to pet the Monster Book of Monsters... It was so cute! :D

After the exhibit, we decided to tour the rest of the Centre and we had a blast! Chris was hilarious trying to steer his Moon Buggy, and I loved playing the steel drums. The Ontario Science Centre is a lot of fun, and I can definitely see us going back again, especially after the reaction I got from Little Muppet! As soon as we entered the Space section of the Centre, Muppet started to do intense kicks and punches. It truly is going to out-geek us in the future. We may have to start saving up for astronaut school soon...Maybe we'll be lucky and Muppet will marry a rich alien... ;)

Here is a little, slightly embarrassing, video of me attempting to play the steel drums. Enjoy! (Muppet, be warned...this is only one of the MANY times your parents will embarrass you! Please know we do it with love.)

In other news, we have a new addition to the family! Her name is Edie! She was born on September 1 and she is absolutely adorable! Chris and I are hoping she'll provide us with a little practice before our little one arrives, as well as show us a preview of what is to come. She is going to be a wonderful cousin for our Muppet and it will be so fun to see them grow up together! We are very happy for Chris' sister and her husband and know they are going to be great parents for this petite lady. I cannot wait to spoil her! :) Congrats you two!! To read more about Edie's start in the world, go to

We recently went for our latest prenatal the other day and I talked to my doctor about some new fun symptoms I'm having. Ankle and leg swelling! Weee! I actually bought some support knee high stockings, and when I wear them to work with my back support belt I kind of feel like a hip granny. I can't believe the number this little monkey is doing on my body! My ankles were so swollen that they completely disappeared! That coupled with my back pain and horrific heartburn is really getting to be a bit too much. The doctor recommended I work less on my feet, so I'm going to have to talk to my boss. Like the doctor said, it'll only get worse from here! 

We got to hear Muppet's heartbeat again which was super clear this time. The heartbeat was 160 (for those keeping track). Chris said it reminded him of the Popcorn song. For those not familiar with this song, watch the Muppet's version with the Swedish Chef! 

As of week 24, Muppet is the size of an eggplant (which is also one of my favourite colours). I am also already a soccer mom, as my uterus is now about the size of a soccer ball! That is crazy, but I do love soccer...:)  Muppet is taller than two juice boxes stacked on top of each other and as heavy as four of them! At 24 weeks, Muppet's lungs are getting ready for breathing their first lungful of air, and it's nostrils are starting to open so it can take little practice breaths with the amniotic fluid. So far, I have gained 9 pounds in this pregnancy, which I admit at first made me want to cry a little. But I know that I have to think of it as" growing baby" weight, not "too much pizza and chips" weight.

Little Muppet has begun kicking me up higher now, and I think it can hear the cats, because whenever they are laying on my stomach purring, Muppet kicks right at them! It's pretty darn cute! I'm curious to see how the pets will react to this little person being in their space. I think Nobi will love Muppet and we'll have to watch for accidental smothering, as Nobi is a cuddler...Neko on the other hand...well, she's very protective and quick to react, so we'll have to see what she does. I'm pretty sure Sawyer will just sit on the poor child, as he loves being a "lap" dog. Ah, family! :)